About Us

Hi, and thank you for visiting our blog.

We are avid buyers of online products, courses, services and software. Mostly related to topics about online marketing, self-help, health and fitness. Since there are more and more products and new sellers online, there are also more and more scams from unethical people. And unfortunately we had our fair share of disappointments and scams throughout the years. 

That said, there are also more and more high quality products for ridiculous prices, and today it’s literally possible to learn a new trade in a few months that can make you more money than spending years to get a University degree.

We also had some wonderful experiences with self-help, health and fitness related products. And some of these products can literally change the quality of life for someone seeking help or wanting things to change.
Therefore, we created ThisIsGreat.info. It is an information blog to help you make the right choice when you are shopping online. We do not write a review for every product under the sun. We only invest our time, money and resources to create valuable information and honest reviews to save our subscribers from buying scammy stuff and focusing on products and tools that work. 

Therefore, to be of most value to you we focus on finding: 

  • Products that solve a real need for the right audience
  • Products of high value, great quality and fair price
  • Products with plenty of positive customer feedback
  • Products that have a special promotion or discount
  • Businesses you can trust to buy from
  • Businesses who honor their “Money back guarantee”
  • Businesses with proper customer service and support

Quality Products and Honest Product Reviews

We review products that we think are worth your money, therefore we will not spend a lot of time on products with a bad reputation.  As mentioned before we’ve had our fair share of these unethical clowns, and as much as we want to protect you, it doesn’t make sense spending our time on products or businesses that do not deliver high value. Therefore, we’ll focus our resources on those products and services that are worth you money and time.

If a product doesn’t match with our quality standards, it will probably not make our publishing standards. This is because it just doesn’t make sense to invest our time, money, and resources to write an extensive review if it fails to convince anyone of our team. 

This doesn’t mean we can’t misjudge a product or make an error. However, since we spend a lot of time investigating each product before we write a review, it will be extremely rare for this to happen. And if it ever would happen, we will take the product immediately down.

We continually search the web for quality products

Since we are continually searching the web for products that deliver high quality, you can trust that our recommendations are written with honest reviews in mind. 

That said, even if a product is of high quality, that doesn’t mean the product is right for your particular circumstances. That’s why our main intention is to help you with the way we write our review.

Let us explain…

For example in the “Make Money Online” niche, it doesn’t make sense for you to purchase a high quality course on how to drive traffic to an offer, if you do not yet have a product to sell or promote. You’d be waisting your money, and your focus should be to purchase a course on how to find a product you can sell or promote first…

Make sense?

If your goal is to get fit, you might want to consider first if weight loss is your primary goal, or building strength. If you want to get slim, but hate exercising, you might want to buy a course or product that is focused on weight loss and getting rid of excessive fat without having to break a sweat in the gym.

However, if your main desire is to get strong and fit, and your weight management is a lesser concern, you will be more satisfied with the results you’ll get from a program or product that is focused on gaining strength and getting fit. 

If you want both, you can look for our reviews where we mention that both elements are present in the product.

We care about you

We care about the happiness and trust from our readers. And that’s why many come back to us to find the product that’s right for them, at the right time. We want to help people make a more informed decision, away from the sales letter where a craftsman copywriter will use all the psychology and mental triggers he or she can find to seduce you into buying the product.

Our reviews are written in a way that you’ll have a clear view of what you can expect from the product before you have bought.

Also, if you don’t find a product or service on our website that can solve your needs, feel free to contact us and write us a short message telling what you are looking for. 

If there is enough interest for it, we’ll do our best to find a product that is worth writing about. Alternatively, we might be able to help you look in the right direction or connect you with someone who might have the right solution for you.

Comments and replies to a review or post

When you want to reply to a review or a post, please know that we manually review each post before it is allowed to show on our site. The reason for this is that there are a lot of scammers and ill intended people who just find it funny to make silly comments that have nothing to do with the product or review.

In the online business world there are also a lot of unethical people that do not respect proper business conduct, and pay other people to write negative comments on a popular product from a strong competitor. 

They do this in the hope they can steel away a customer to get more sales for their crappy product. We will not allow it! We want a clean environment with proper conduct to make your stay with us as positive as we can.

Hope that makes sense?

Let’s work together to make this a valuable place for everyone to enjoy the information on our site, and feel free to contact us if you have a question or want to contribute in a positive way to our readers.

From all of us at ThisIsGreat.Info, we wish you a wonderful experience and a magical journey.


Paul Brighton.